Tranquil Reverie

Monday, November 12, 2007

Children Of A Lesser God

Scores of children are taking to the streets everyday either after being orphaned or having abandoned their homes in pursuit of something elusive. Once these young ones are thrown into the big bad world they realize that staying afloat in this ocean called life is quite a Herculean task. While kids of their age indulge in activities like studying and playing these less fortunate children are engaged in servile jobs like rag picking and working in small hotels and bars where they are often subjected to very harsh treatment. For some, it is a job which earns them two meals a day and for the others it is a means to procure cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. Even as we celebrate another Children's Day this is the stark reality to which we often turn a blind eye.
Bosco is one of the NGOs in Bangalore which is working towards giving these children a better life by providing a shelter,education and vocational training. Bosco has several shelters spread across Bangalore through which they provide a haven for these children to reconstruct their shattered lives.
Below are a few of the pictures which were taken at the Diwali celebrations at Don Bosco, Summanahalli.

Bosco is lighting up many lives through this noble endeavour.

One of the amazing performances by the boys.

A boy playing with a sparkler on Diwali.

The boys, volunteers and the staff of Bosco decorated the building with diyas.

This is a drawing done by one of the boys.

Spreading miles of smiles...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Playing with colours...

During the last week I was forced to stay indoors as I happened to contract the conjunctivitis virus which was making its rounds in the city. My daily routine was suddenly thrown out of gear. A severe infection meant that I had to stay home for a couple of days or more and refrain from activities like reading and watching television, which would strain my eyes. I was left with no option but to choose daunting tasks like cleaning my wardrobes to keep myself occupied! Considering that Diwali was round the corner I decided to paint diyas to give as gifts for a few of my special friends. The vibrant hues of the painted diyas prompted me to capture them on my camera. Here are a few random acts that were a result of boredom and solitude!

Before and after...

This picture is for a friend who gave me this sari as a Diwali gift.

I loved the colour contrasts...

Red is a festive colour. So the cushion found a place in this picture.

An attempt to capture a different perspective...

Two's company....