Tranquil Reverie

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Campus Cool

Jeremy Bentham said ,
"Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet"
Once we begin to take notice and admire the nice little things around us, the world will appear a lot more beautiful.

Every morning, I wait with fingers crossed, to get to my workplace without being held up due to traffic snarls. Once the turmoil of the treacherous bus ride is done with, the place that I enter seems like a paradise. The vast open spaces, trees and the lush green lawns rekindle my spirit after the stressful commute along Bangalore's pot hole (or should I say crater) studded roads! The sound of the blaring horns are erased from memory, the dust and pollution are not a concern anymore. The tranquility and the freshness of the air peps up my spirits to face the challenges of a brand new day!
Here is an attempt to capture different shades of the International Tech Park, Bangalore(ITPB).

The park consists of six buildings namely Discoverer, Creator, Innovator, Explorer, Inventor and the most recent Navigator.

The fountain at ITPB allures the visitors and parkites alike. The space around this picturesque fountain is where exhibitions and celebrations are conducted.

This is the majestic 'Discoverer' building which stands out because of its unique shape. This building has literally become a symbol of ITPB.

The well equipped Tech Park Mall provides wide range of services and amenities for the thousands of people working in the ITPB campus.

The flower laden trees which are bereft of leaves makes you believe that it indeed is a 'World in a Park'!

As the sun ebbs into oblivion, the twilight glow of the sky almost creates a magical atmosphere.

A birds eye view of the landscape of the park which has managed to retain its charm, owing to the impeccable maintenance of the premises.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Morning Matinee

On some days, photographs just fall into place - in ways that one could not plan for. There is a sense of ebullience as the concept seems novel.
This post is about my rendezvous with a spirited bunch of kids engaged in a game of football in the sprawling lawns of Cubbon Park. What started out as an attempt to capture them kicking the ball around, ended up being an elaborate odyssey unraveling many facets of their creativity. I almost had no part to play in determining the outcome of each picture. It was a display of perfect execution of the thoughts that struck their mind.
All credit to this awesome five some who are the mind and body behind this post. My camera was just a means to capture their imaginative ideas.

Meet Piyush, Akshay, Naresh, Chetan and Nitin

I believe I can fly.....

We will... We will... Rock you!

Birds of a feather flock together!

Ideas won't work unless you do...

Hand in hand we stand....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mark The Park

Let me introduce you to an ever green (quite literally) beauty. This seasoned marvel of yesteryear continues to enchant the masses across a wide cross section of age, social standing and interest. Urban development has victimized many of her siblings. But she stands tall, unruffled by the drastic metamorphosis gripping the city in recent years. Her tranquility and dewiness amidst the pollution and din is her forte. Her lungs breathe freshness and romance into the air. She is the undisputed 'Queen' of all parks in the 'Garden City'. She is none other than our very own 'Cubbon Park'....

Come December and the exotic Tabebuia Rosea tree which has several epithets like New World Trumpet tree, Pink Poui, Pink Tecoma and Rosy Trumpet can be seen in all its glory.

A group of hockey players, warming up at the park during the wee hours of a pleasant Saturday morning were quite amazed when I popped up to capture them in my camera!

The tingling morning breeze, the background scores of the chirping birds and the soothing shades of green provide the perfect ambiance for mediation and yoga.

It was heartening to see the mynas and squirrels aplenty in the park. Sighting these commoners has become a rarity these days owing to the destruction of their natural habitat.

One of the old timers who looked quite unperturbed by the activity around him while being seated on a park bench, catching up with the day's stories...

This is Akshay, who along with his friends decided to stop over at the park en route to school. A group of elderly gentlemen joined these little boys for a game of football.

The plethora of striking green flora at the park is a treat for any nature lover. Several photographers were at the park to capture her scintillating beauty.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Bazaar

The usually serene St Marks's Cathedral was buzzing with activity on a bright Saturday afternoon. A bullock cart adorned with colourful decorations was ferrying little children around for a joy ride. The spirit of Christmas, vibrant colours, joy, fun and frolic filled the air. A wide assortment of people had gathered for the annual 'Christmas Bazaar' organized by the Overseas Women's Association or OWC as is better known. The ever increasing populace of Bangalore is diversifying with each passing day. People of varied nationalities are embracing the city as their new home.
OWC is a social and charitable organization for the women from different countries and cultures. The platform provided by OWC helps the women and their families to transition into the new social setting with relative ease. OWC organizes several events and activities from Coffee Mornings and Wine Tasting to fund raisers for charities. At the Christmas Bazaar, a variety of hand crafted and home baked goodies from various vendors were on sale. Exquisite Christmas decorations, colourful home decor, elegant paper craft and fashionable accessories were a few items which caught my attention.
Below are a few snapshots from this unique sale....

As always, the face painter was a huge crowd puller and kids who were queuing up waiting eagerly for their turn. This is Ella, who was all smiles after the make over she got!

Cute little puppets waiting in line to be taken.

One of the volunteers of a French non-profit organization called Docteur Clown. The volunteers are trained to use humor as a medium to help ailing children recover.

This young boy who was reluctant to pose for the photograph giving me a cold stare as he looks through the wreath.

Could not miss the vibrant hues of these beautifully designed terracotta masks on display.

Artist John Devaraj and a bunch of kids from the Born Free Art School lightened the air with some jingles.Some tiny tots present in the arena joined him in singing the Banana Song.