Tranquil Reverie

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Along The Rail Road..

Serene, spectacular and one with nature. This could be a vague and condensed description of a trek along an abandoned narrow gauge railway track connecting two less known stations - Donigal and Yedakumeri.
If the pollution in Bangalore is choking, if you are longing for a break from the hustle-bustle of a busy life, if adventure peps up your spirits, if you are a nature lover or if you are just looking for a respite from the monotony of worklife, hop onto a bus to Sakleshpur right away for an unforgettable and unique adventure!
Gazing at the starlit sky, witnessing the beauty of the dawn of a brand new day, walking across many bridges and through several dark tunnels, listening to the birds chirping happily and the melody of a gushing river in the backdrop are all of part of this amazing trek. The breath taking views of the hills and vales, the suspense of the immense unspoilt grandeur of mother nature as it unfolds as you walk briskly along the railway track, not to mention the river that gently kisses your aching feet every now and then... These are just some of the vital ingredients that blend to perfection to make this a one of its kind and rare experience. This trek along these hills in the western Ghats would definitely rejuvenate your mind and body. The tale of this exciting sojourn is probably better told than heard!

Monday, July 03, 2006


As the car veered right from the Silk Board Junction onto Hosur Road a familiar sight greeted us. Bumper to bumper traffic moving at a very slow pace! The car then inched its way through until we reached Electronic City. From there on it was a nice one-hour drive, through roads flanked by fertile landscapes before we reached our destination.
A farmhouse, called 'Navadarshanam'.

Navadarshanam is a self-sustaining charitable trust on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border. We entered the farm which was bounded by an electric fence, and were greeted to a warm welcome by Mr. Ananthu. Mr. Ananthu, a Stanford University Graduate and his wife Jyothi who has a PhD in Sociology are trustees and permanent residents of the farm.

We headed straight to the kitchen where our growling tummies were pacified by some delicious healthy vegetarian food. The residents of the farm, who are people from nearby hamlets do the cooking and farm maintenance. Below is a picture of the kitchen at Navadarshanam.

Fruite and vegetables required for consumption are grown in the farm. Apart from catering to food requirements of the residents and guests of the farm , several food items are prepared such that it is healthy and tasty and is sold at Navadarshanam and in a few outlets in Bangalore. The income generated from this goes into the maintenance of the farm.

Navadarshanam has several aesthetically designed cottages, which provide basic amenities to the visitors and are designed in such a way as to minimize the usage of cement and steel in their construction. The bricks used to build the walls are also made at the farm. As the cottages are extremely well ventilated it would require the usage of lights only at night. Below is the picture of one such cottage.

The picture below shows a windmill, just one of the several alternate sources of energy used at Navadarshanam. Solar energy and wind energy is harnessed and is used to charge batteries during the day, which in turn meets the power requirements of the farm. The gobar gas produced in the farm is used for cooking and slurry that is a by-product is used as manure for the crops.

Our visit to Navadarshanam coincided with the mango season. It indeed was an awesome sight to see large bunches of mangoes hanging from the branches of several small sized trees. The mango pickle that was being prepared filled the air with an tempting aroma.

In the evening after having a hot cup of indigenous lemon grass tea and biscuits we decided to go for a stroll and explore the farm. As there were dark clouds hovering over us, threatening to burst anytime we gathered as many umbrellas as we could and proceeded.Watching the pea-hens reared on the farm was a pleasant surprise.

Everyone at Navadarshanam (including the dogs of the farm) abide by the rules. The residents of the farm follow a strict schedule in which there is a stipulated time to eat,work and relax. Below is a picture of the dogs waiting outside the dining room for their quota of food.

God's Own Country

Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's Springtime....

The Cubbon Park is one of the very famous parks of Bangalore.This vast lush green expanse of land is an ideal place for a refreshing early morning walk.This picture shot in the wee hours of the morning portrays the sun's rays trickling through the dense canopy.

This is a shot of a tree in one of the lawns in ITPB, the International Tech Park Bangalore. This very well maintained software park houses several software companies. There are many lawns and tree lined pathways, which are a wonderful and soothing sight for the usually over-worked techies.

This is a picture of the Vidhana Soudha which houses the Legislative Chambers of Karnataka.This magnificent stone structure constructed in the Neo-Dravidian Style is flanked by beautiful gardens and sprawling lawns and is a spectacular sight when illuminated.

The Kasturba Road which supports one of the main channels of traffic flow in Bangalore looks anything but calm.This picture portrays a very unlikely peaceful look to this otherwise very busy road.

The Ulsoor Lake is the most popular lake in Bangalore. This lake dotted with many small islands has regained some of its lost glory in the recent times after it has been de-silted.It is a treat to the eye to see the turquoise coloured yachts sailing in the misty lake.

This is a picture of the High Court of Karnataka. The contrasting colours of the red building and the lush green gardens catches the eye.One can see numerous pigeons being feed by the people who visit the place in the early hours of the morning.

The Mahatma Gandhi Road or more commonly known as MG Road is the best-known road in Bangalore. The commercial hub on one side of the road and an elevated pathway on the other side make it a very unique sight. The bougainvillea shrubs flanking the road just add to its beauty.


Bangalore the 'Garden City Of India' was known for its beautiful parks,numerous lakes and tree lined streets.But sadly it is these parks and lakes that have fallen prey to the Concrete Revolution that is currently engulfing the entire city. Lal Bagh often known as the pendant in the necklace of Bangalore's parks showcases a rich and vibrant display of flora that the city is home to.The Department of Horticulture organises the famous 'Flower Show' at the Glass House which is modelled on London's Crystal Palace. This event is held twice a year as a part of the Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations.On display are a wide range of flowers of different hues,ikebana,vegetable carvings and a lot more.The flowers and the various floral arrangements are a real treat to the nature lover's eye. During this time people throng the park in large numbers to have a glimpse of the flower show.The flower show is probably one of the few things about Bangalore which has not had a drastic change in the recent times. Here are some of the pictures that were taken in the Flower Show held in January 2006.