Tranquil Reverie

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


In a country where cricket is a religion which binds the diverse factions from far and wide... where cricketers are demigods... where life comes to standstill when there is a crucial cricket match being played... the victory in the finals of the Twenty20 World Cup gave the people a reason for much cheer. Within minutes of India's victory over Pakistan, frenzied fans were out on the streets to celebrate the much awaited and cherished victory. Fireworks lighted up the sky, people were dancing on the streets, fans were shouting slogans and waving flags,the more the merrier seemed to be the mantra on the occasion of this rare feat.
M G Road and its vicinity were the epicenter of the celebrations. Brigade Road which is usually chocker blocked with traffic sported a different look for a change. There were no vehicles. Just scores of people and numerous tri colours amidst the din. The cops were on their toes to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. At the signal on M G Road, the ecstatic fans were walking out of their cars to dance and join in the celebrations. Tri colours were plenty.The World Cup fever seemed to be striking everybody. Cricket is definitely not just another sport in India!

Below are a few pictures that I managed to capture...

Young revelers in a jubilant mood on the streets of Bangalore

You don't have to be Indian to join the party!

A guy who walked out of his car in order to join the celebrations.

Another guy who got on top of his car to celebrate!

These strangers were united by a religion called "Cricket"

Everyone wanted a flag to wave... It did not matter what flag it was!